【English】World Fureai event “ITADAKIMASU”

To foreign citizens living in Matsumoto City

We have a belief of “friendship with the world” and have been interacting with other countries every year.
This year, everyone living in this town will foster “friendship with the world.”
Let’s feel each other’s culture through exchanges regardless of nationality and talk about our city together.

World Fureai event “ITADAKIMASU”

Date and time: Sat. 23rd Oct., 2021 10:00 to 20:00
Place: Hidamari no ie, GLAMPINGBASE encamp
【811 Kanai, Shiojiri, Nagano】
Target audience: Citizens living in Matsumoto City
Foreign citizens living in Matsumoto City
Entrance fee: \1,000 Payment

Cooking world foods (shopping and cooking)
14:00 【daytime】
World foods and culture presentation and performance of each group
17:30 【nighttime】
Meet and Greet (Barbecue Campfire)
20:00 Finish

* We will hold an orientation to divide the team and think about the meal on the day in advance.
Date and time: Tue. 5th Oct., 2021 19:00 to 20:30
Place : M wing 6th floor
【1-18-1 Chuo, Matsumoto, Nagano】

↓Application form
We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken.

Those who wish can stay at GLAMPING BASE en Camp.
Please fill in your request in the application form. (Accommodation fee will be the actual cost.)
↓ Guest room information

Please see the PDF for details
World Fureai event “ITADAKIMASU”

Event will change on infection status of Covid-19.

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